Influencer marketing trends in 2018


Before the internet came into existence and let us communicate the one-to-one fashion on a vast scale, there were possibly a very few people who could influence us. Branding or image building of any product by any influencer is not only the trend of the modern days but also the need. Mass appeal in any industry is the key element in making the brand popular and thus, where Influencer marketing came from!

The rise in Influencer marketing in 2108

The term ‘Influencer marketing’ has gotten big in the recent year and we are not surprised! The digital landscape changing the whole scenario of business, we have traveled a really long way and reach the platform where ‘customer’s feedback is everything’ thus, branding and strong promotion is a must-to-do task. The internet activity has given birth to various trends for influencer marketing. You must research the term Influencer Marketing Trends India for more insight!

Influencers are using their leveraging existing social channel for branding and this practice has become quite popular in 2018: let’s see the latest Influencer Marketing Trends:

  1. Influencer influence the decision of the customer

Gone are those days in which people use to watch the repetitive episode of the series as there has no other option, while the time changes, the evolution of TV programs have made their place strongly. Now the television market has fragmented over the years and the reason is obvious! The advent of the internet has made a room in everybody’s being. YouTube videos, streaming channels has given a new life to the youngsters. Instagram is no less in creating a huge impression on people. Brands are realized now that in order to promote the product, one has to be the idea of their potential customer. Brands had found the best friend in influencers to use them as a ladder in the various social channels.

  1. The wider range of platforms for influencer

So, it’s 2018 and you are still unaware of the various social platforms for influencer, then you must educate yourself. Actually, it is not about posting on Facebook or Twitter or advertise through Instagram, but they have examined the entire social platform which users usually hang out on. If brands have already identified the potential customer’s then it makes sense that how they are executing their campaigns in all the social channels.

  1. Mundane and regular pictures are an outdated piece for influencer

There is no place for ordinary pictures and videos in the world of influencers. Even styling the old piece not goes well, so the best images and videos can be the strong vehicle for the longer race. The need for originality has arrived with 2018 as there are limited pictures are relevant for the certain keywords, so one can’t use the same pictures. If you are looking for the most credible channels to publicize your brand through influencer, then look for the Influencer Marketing Stats 2018. It will give you a brief about the channel which is trending in 2018.

  1. Instagram: the best way to speak your brand’s tale

The declination of Snapchat gives the rise of Instagram stories. From 100 million to 300million users, Instagram popularity is quite soaring high this year. Not only stories, but the whole Instagram concept is hugely appreciated and consistently being the celebrity’s favorite social channel! So, obvious reasons why influencer promoting over this place.

  1. Musical.Ly: the newer and favorite trend

Needs no introduction, ‘Musical.Ly’ is the teenager’s new preferred talent game. One of the finest channels to make money and fame, it has seen the spectacular growth in recent times. So, Influencers can be seen frequently on this channel.

Sum-up note

You have learned the latest trend for the promotion over social channels and also have an idea about branding and Influencer marketing’s executions. In case, you have any doubt related to the term ‘Influencer marketing’, look up to Influencer Marketing India Statics and find the latest trend.

Brands have discovered the idea that influencer can provide them with the desired outcomes and Influencers keep experimenting with their post to facilitate them. In order to help brands to a make profit, influencers are actually creating their own brands by exposing themselves on the popular social channels.

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