We at Brandholic emphasize on building and establishing a rapport for our bloggers. Given the increasing pace of digitization, our forte lies in delivering quality PR services for our clients, for their businesses to grow and flourish.

We indulge in programs especially customized for our bloggers, keeping in mind their needs and requirements, and we then function with the help of our professionals to deliver their message to the target audience. We not only maintain relations; we embrace them. We deliver quality services to our bloggers in order to enhance their credibility by connecting them to the target audience through email marketing, an online PR tool.


We cover the following areas of public relations, to make sure that our clients reap benefits that have no bounds:

  • We help our young bloggers gain media exposure with their blogs, and help increase the number of viewers with our constant promotion.
  • We help our bloggers gain traffic and sales through their blogs to flourish in their blogging business.
  • Our team of professionals extensively plans the strategies to be carried out for the blogger and is approved by the blogger itself before giving it a go.
  • We suggest ideas that work for the bloggers in the most effective manner. However, we believe in one on one communication and hence do not force our ideas on them. We respect their decisions and plan out something else for them.
  • Both the traditional and digital PR are wings to a successful blogging business. We therefore make full use of the two and help our bloggers enhance sales and build credibility.

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“The Next Important Thing After Doing The Right Thing is to Let People Know That You Are Doing The Right Thing”