Shivangi Peshwani

Shivangi Peshwani

The professional lifestyle blogger, a leading author, and an iconic fashion blogger, Shivangi Peswani is a well-known name in the fashion and blogging industry. This multi-talented lady had started her career in her late 30s as a freelancing content writer and now is an author at a leading tech blog for the last five years. Currently, she’s one of the very few fashion bloggers in India who also has her own YouTube channel. She brilliantly handles her fashion blogging and social media which quite makes an impression among people. She started working as social media influencing at her 40s. For her, age is just a number as she continues to stun people with her stylish persona at this age. If you think that you have crossed that age of fashion and maintain brand ideal, then you must follow her to see some sleek and trendy fashion sense. She is best known for her aura which reflects sophistication and class.


She is running three blogs and two YouTube channel successfully. In addition, she is a fabulous tech writer plus a lifestyle blogger. She uses to blog about fashion, beauty, party, lifestyle, and travel.


Why one would follow her


With the most remarkable fashion sense and her impressive blogs, she would make your party night amazing and glitzy. Follow her to add some additional charm to your night with your loved ones.

“Don’t Stop Until You Are Famous”

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