Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in Chennai that you must Follow!

Fashion Blogger in chennai

The world of fashion is dynamic, subject to modification as times take charge. From bell bottoms to boyfriend jeans, from pants to palazzos, from shimmers to nudes; everything in the realm of fashion is evolving, faster than ever. This evolution is being embraced by some fashion enthusiasts, having the courage and the creativity to turn something boring into couture, and still making it look minimalistic and appealing. These people are the fashion influencers, who are redefining fashion with their innovative mindset, breaking stereotypes and bringing about a change in the environment. These influencers are normal people, whose passion in this field brought them this far, with nothing to look back to, and have inspired all those around them, at large.

While some of them are collaborating with budding brands to establish their foot in the industry, others are already established influencers, gaining much recognition and appreciation for their unique content creation and authentic approach. With fashion trends changing with the blink of an eye, these fashion influencers are all you need to stay updated and fashionable. Coming from all parts of the country, these bloggers have made a mark in the influencer marketing industry, immensely contributing to make it a $ 2.3 billion industry by the end of 2019. So, based on their Instagram follower count, here are some of the top fashion influencers in Chennai, who have gained much love and exhibit immense potential to conquer the world. Have a look:


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PAVITHRA Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 103k

Personal blog: Make Up Martini

From being an IT professional to one of the top fashion bloggers in Chennai, Pavithra has come a long way. Her personal blog ‘Make up Martini’ covers beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, encompassing a fashion lookbook, makeup tutorials, product reviews, styling tips, etc. She started blogging in the year 2014, which has gained much appreciation over the years. From the best street style fashion to high-end wedding couture, you can find anything and everything in her profile. So if you are in need of some fashion inspiration, hit the follow button!


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NOOPUR KALRA Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 88.1k

Personal blog: Simply Moda

Exhibiting an impeccable sense of fashion, Noopur Kalra has managed to gain a popular spot in the fashion blogosphere, with her blog Simply Moda. Also, she has established her own brand by the name “The Simply Moda Shop”, with clothing in accordance with the latest fashion trends. She believes in keeping it classy and simple, which reflects beautifully in her blog. Her recent collaborations include Guess, Nissan and GK Hair India. Her unique style of portraying content is what makes her different, bagging loads of appreciations and thousands of followers.


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Shilpa Ahuja Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 84.4k

Personal blog: Shilpa Ahuja

Adding pep to the city of Chennai is Shilpi Ahuja, with her style, tips, and positivity. Exploring the realm of fashion, travel, and beauty, this diva has set the bar high with her content and has become an inspiration for many. Her blog includes product reviews, styling tips and is a savior for those in dire need of some fashion insight. Her Instagram follower base is a clear indication of the kind of content she posts, making her grab the third spot in the list of the best fashion bloggers in Chennai.


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J A Y S H R E E V I N A Y Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 45.5k

Jayshreevinay, 22, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has taken the internet by storm. Hailing from the city of Chennai, she has made a mark in the realm of fashion in very little time, bagging appreciation and love from her audiences. Her unique take on fashion is what inspires the younger lot, as she has the ability to pull off any outfit, be it a rustic tee or a saree. She, along with her creative bend of mind, has the power to contribute to the world of fashion, giving her audiences some major fashion goals. Holding expertise in the field of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel, she has collaborated with a flurry of brands, Lifestyle being one of them.


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Swetha Renu Kumar Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 18.1k

Personal blog: One Pitch Catch

Bold, beautiful and fashionable are the terms that sum up the profile of Swetha Renukumar. A graduate in Psychology, Swetha turned her face to the world of fashion as her real passion lied in it. With her bold fashion sense, inclination towards fusion wear, and the ability to recreate fashion is what differentiates her from the rest of the lot. Her blog, One Pitch Catch is a beautiful amalgamation of beauty, wellness, fashion and travel; and is widely appreciated by her audiences, not only in Chennai but all over the country. Her hard work and authenticity has landed her in collaborations with brands such as Daniel Wellington, Himalaya, and Crocs India.


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Priyadarshini Vijay Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 17.4k

Personal blog: High on Styl

Meet Priyadarshini Vijay, whose content speaks her personality in the most unique fashion. From being just a blogger to becoming a fashion sensation, Priyadarshini knows how to do it her way. Her take on fashion has made her one of the top fashion bloggers in Chennai, resulting in collaboration with brands like Usha International, Bluestone, and many more. With her undying love for fashion and considerable experience and expertise in the realm of lifestyle, Priyadarshini has surely grabbed the attention of everyone around her. Redefining fashion with some bold colors, minimalistic styles, and fusion wear, this blogger is definitely high on Style.


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Instagram follower base: 16.9k

Blogger, entrepreneur and fashion designer are the terms that perfectly define this independent blogger. She not only has given a new face to the Indian Fusion wear but also has been courageous and ambitious enough to launch her own style brand called “Tadka by Madhu”. Being a fashion designer herself, she has incorporated her definition of fashion into her clothing, introducing a new angle to Indian fusion wear. Are you looking for something different to add to your wardrobe? Think no more and head to her Instagram handle!


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Rutika Saraf Agarwal Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 11.7k

Rutika Saraf is a fashion influencer and image consultant, whose unique approach to fashion is all one can think about. Not just a pretty face, this blogger has won hearts through her exclusive content creation and excellent creative capacity and has managed to gather a decent following through the same. She believes in “less is more”, which clearly reflects in her profile. Her minimalistic approach to fashion is what makes her one of a kind. So follow her and get the best of styles from her wardrobe!


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S U R A B H I Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 8973

Personal blog: My Moonlit Memories

“Break, I dare you” is what Surabhi’s Instagram profile reads. All young and lively, this blogger has the potential to make significant contributions in the arena of fashion, with her quirky style and unique approach. Beauty and fashion are her forte and her blog is all about product reviews, recommendations, and tips, which is helping her gain more followers and admirers with each passing day. At such a young age, she has already gained recognition and has the potential to shine all over the country through quality content, which is of value to her readers. Winning thousands of hearts already, she has it in her to be one of the best Fashion bloggers in India.


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soundarya yaso Chennai Fashion Blogger

Instagram follower base: 6236

Personal blog: Soundaryayaso

All ready to conquer the world of beauty and fashion, Soundaryayaso takes the tenth spot in the list. With more than 6000 followers, this micro influencer has gained considerable attention with her content creation and has won hearts along the way. She is a model, a fashion blogger, and an entrepreneur. Not only she has modeled for various brands but has also been in collaboration with many fashion and beauty brands such as Bubble Farm, and Urban Kalika.  Also, Soundaryayaso owns a fashion brand called “House of Yavi”, introducing some of the best styles that reflect a unique blend of fierceness and fashion.

Summing up…

There is no doubt with the fact that influencer marketing is a billion dollar industry, which is expected to rise manifolds in the coming years. With people increasingly becoming dependent and fond of the social media space, brands can’t help but make the most of it by collaborating with professionals who have an emotional connection with that very audience.

Yes, influencer marketing is the need of the hour, and is bound to rise in the times to come. With fashion, beauty, and lifestyle gaining supremacy over time, the influencers are the bridge between brands and audiences, also setting some serious fashion goals. So if you have not been in touch with any of the aforementioned influencers and are in need of some serious fashion inspiration to help you feel more confident and lively, follow their profiles!

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